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Belly! 24 Weeks!

My 24 week belly. 148 lbs

Wow, what  a two weeks it has been.  You may have noticed my room is different.  Gone are my days of excellent Mexi food and a cold, loud warehouse.  I’m in an actual house now and that is really exciting for me, but I’m far away from my friends and my life in Los Angeles.  I moved 100o miles to be closer to the little monster’s dad.  So far, so good.  The drive up was lovely, although I had to stop to pee every hour our so.  It’s really nice to be settled.  Now, of course, I get to do whatever it is I need to do to get on services here in the North West.  I’m sure it will be easier. I hope it will be easier.  Yeah, no, I’m sure.

One of the many plusses about being up here is my persistent dry skin has cleared up and for some reason, my hair isn’t getting as dirty. I’m gross and only wash my hair once or twice a month.  I usually have to powder it after two days of not washing.  It’s been a week since I washed it and I still haven’t had to powder it.  It really is strange, but I’m not going to complain.  It saves me a bundle of time and money on shampooing.  Speaking of my hair, I have lots and lots more grays than I did 6 months ago.  I’m not totally sure if this is because of the little creep in my belly or just because I’m 32 and that sort of shit will start to happen.  I’ve had a good run of non-gray hair so I’m pretty okay with it turning gray.

On the long drive up here, I thought of so many great, amazing things to write about. I probably should have written them down. There was something about how my whole body has been taken over by the little creep and how some of the movements of him are just plain annoying.  I mean, it’s nice to get the occasional nudge from the inside to know that he’s still alive and all but in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep like a beached whale it gets a little irritating.  I’ve begun poking him back.  It’s not effective.  I have no idea what the other topics where, but I can tell you, they were great.  They seemed funny and interesting. Pregnancy brain has made them go away.


Holy Hair!

Day three is here! Here’s another photo of my hairy pit. This is such a silly thing, but what is funny is people are actually reading this blog because of the armpits. Maybe they are into armpits, you know, like really into armpits. No matter! I’m keeping it up. I do kinda wish I would have done this before I came down with a case of the babies so that way I would know if I really am becoming wooly mammoth.

Now onto the ridiculous description. The hairs seem to be about 1/8th of an inch now. I would love to do some simple math right now and tell you how fast the hairs seem to be growing, but pregnancy brain has completely wiped out how long they were yesterday. I even read the posting earlier, as in about 2 minutes ago, but, I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. Was it 1/16th of an inch? Whatever.

Perverts, enjoy the photo of my naked, slightly hairy armpit!

The New Obsession: Gender Quizzes

Thirteen weeks along. Officially, the little monster is the size of a peach or a baseball or as one site put it, a large prawn.  I like to think I have a beady-eyed little prawn floating around in an amniotic sac filled with burre blanc, it’s little tentacles feeling about and tickling my uterus. In a few weeks, it will be strong enough for me to feel the gentle little tickles. Baby prawns don’t have very strong tentacles right now.  They must calcify before they can be felt.  Maybe as it gets older, a cajun spice mix will show up. Oh, god. That would be so good. I’m suppose to have pot roast at a friend’s house tonight but maybe I’ll see if anyone wants to go to the Boiling Shrimp.

My latest time waster on the internet has been gender prediction quizzes.  I only get one answer.  One answer from the Chinese Birth Chart site, one answer from the Western Horoscope site, one answer from the palmistry site, one answer from the symptoms checker and one answer from the old-wives tales site.  The answer? A boy.  It’s going to be a boy.

I won’t find out if it will be a boy until either January 4th or February 14th.  Why the difference? Well, at the County Hospital that I had gone to for my first appointment, they don’t see any reason to do an ultrasound at every appointment. The also don’t seem very happy to give the print out of the ultrasound, which I find very strange.  I switched to another hospital though.  This time it’s a clinic that is associated with a much nicer, private hospital and they do all sorts of fun stuff and they do it every time you go in.  I’m pretty happy about that.

Crap,  I just realized I missed an appointment this morning with the good clinic. Shoot. I can’t go now because it was fasting labs.  Man, what  a stinker. On hold now. I guess I can try to do it in the morning tomorrow. Shoot. Shooooot!!

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