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Holy Hair. Final Entry.

This is it. This is as long as I can stand. I goes today.

Well, this has been fun and disgusting.  I have grown my armpit hair for who knows how long.  The last two weeks, I did see a whole lot of growth but no more than normal. Really, it grows at the same rate.  I’m totally convinced.  I have a half-naked photoshoot tomorrow and even though a photo or two in the set will be Earth Mother Goddess like, I don’t think armpit hair is necessary to get the whole thing down.  Lighting and hair and makeup and styling will be sufficient.

I feel bad for not posting, but to tell you the truth, I was really getting bored with it and it was cold in the warehouse in the mornings. I didn’t want to strip down and take the damned photo. Even if it only was for a second or two.  Sorry, perverts.


Belly! 20 weeks, 5 days

I haven’t felt much like writing the past couple days.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t give my loyal readers something, so here ya’ go. My belly! I should take another boob photo  because that has gone over really well in the search terms. Hehe. I imagine the perverts are a little disappointed when they realize exactly what kind of website this is.  Tonight, I am going to trade in the two bras my friend M.B. let me borrow for two of a bigger size.  34D isn’t  cutting it! I have a bra that is 36D and while that does give me a little more room, it’s not quite right.  The underwire is too wide and ends up poking me in the armpit, which is unpleasant. What I really need, for now is a 34DD. M.B likes to wear water bras and all sorts of crazy things to enhance her already huge, and lovely boobs, so it should be pretty amusing to see what she comes up with for me this time. I will post a photo or two. Promise.

So, without further delay, my belly! 

Holy Hair! Day 13

The deodorant really looks gross.  Sorry about that.  I know that using anti-persperant/deodorant doesn’t really fit with many of my hippie-dippie beliefs but about 10 years ago, I started wearing a lot of cashmere and I can to the conclusion that I could either be a “natural” deodorant person or I could be a cashmere person and I decided to be a cashmere person and take my chances with Alzheimer’s when I get old.  It’s not like a use aluminum cans as pipes anymore so I think I’ll be okay.  Or not but then I won’t really notice, will I? Well, at first I will and then I will be off in LaLa Land for the rest of my life. Sorry kids of mine who will have to deal with me. I give you permission now to put me in a nice facility where I can sit in the garden all day and talk to the cute little fairies.

I know I keep saying this, but this project is gross.  I should stop but I can’t.  I got an angry e-mail from a pervert the other day because I had not posted.  I can’t have angry pervs out there, so I’ll keep it up. Enjoy!

Holy Hair!- Day 9

I rolled out of bed late this morning.  I had been waking sometime around 5 am, but for a couple of weeks now, my wake-ups have been later.  It may have something to do with me discovering the pleasures of a long cancelled show, “Dead Like Me,” poor Bryan Fuller can’t get any show to stick. It’s too bad, really because all of his shows are great. I understand some people don’t like the level of whimsey in his creations and I think those people stink. I’ve been watching the show late into the night and just because I have a new nighttime obsession doesn’t mean I need less sleep, so I sleep in later.  Considering that what you are reading right now is my “job” it doesn’t really seem to matter.  By the time I got up today, the sun was up and had warmed all of the warehouse district.  The sun felt fantastic outside and while I waited for my little, tiny dog to pee I raised my arms into the sky to meet the sun.  Deep breath in.  And out. Open eyes and look to the right.  Feel the stretch in the neck. See the blond hairs glistening in my armpit. Ah, time for a photo.  I missed yesterday, Day 8 because I was busy and tired. So, special treat we have another substantial day of growth.

Here we go! Behold! Nine days!

Holy Hair! Day 7

Alright! I think my armpit can actually be described as hairy at this point.  I would say by tomorrow, it should be half and inch and that is just wonderfully gross. Yay! 

Holy Hair! Day 6

Finally it’s possible to see the length a little bit in this photo.  I really wish my hair were darker though.  It would be so much easier to see how long it is. A 1/4 inch by the way.

I’ve pretty much decided that my hair doesn’t actually grow any faster, I just have been letting the days turn to weeks to months so much recently.  The days just fly by.  That is to be expected when you are sleeping at least 12 hours a day and sometimes 16 hours. However, that doesn’t mean we are going to stop this gross little project.  I have a loyal legion of perverts that visit this site daily to see my armpit and jack off or whatever they do.  It’s cool. I don’t judge.

Holy Hair! Day 4

Oh, yes, this is still happening. You can actually almost see the hair now. I’m pretty excited about this sort of progress. Just if you were wondering, I also get excited about the consistency and frequency of poo and the formation of scabs. So, yeah. I’m that kinda gal.

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