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Belly! 32 Weeks

32 Weeks! That is 8 whole months. I have gone from 130 to 161 and the little creep is officially huge now.


Belly! 20 weeks, 5 days

I haven’t felt much like writing the past couple days.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t give my loyal readers something, so here ya’ go. My belly! I should take another boob photo  because that has gone over really well in the search terms. Hehe. I imagine the perverts are a little disappointed when they realize exactly what kind of website this is.  Tonight, I am going to trade in the two bras my friend M.B. let me borrow for two of a bigger size.  34D isn’t  cutting it! I have a bra that is 36D and while that does give me a little more room, it’s not quite right.  The underwire is too wide and ends up poking me in the armpit, which is unpleasant. What I really need, for now is a 34DD. M.B likes to wear water bras and all sorts of crazy things to enhance her already huge, and lovely boobs, so it should be pretty amusing to see what she comes up with for me this time. I will post a photo or two. Promise.

So, without further delay, my belly! 

Belly Shot 20 weeks

I’ve decided to add my current weight in here just for fun.  It might give women a more realistic idea of the weight gain they can expect.  I was about 130, maybe slightly under when I got pregnant.  So my current weight gain is about 17 lbs and for sanity sake we will just say I have gained 17 lbs, even.

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