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Holy Hair! Day 4

Oh, yes, this is still happening. You can actually almost see the hair now. I’m pretty excited about this sort of progress. Just if you were wondering, I also get excited about the consistency and frequency of poo and the formation of scabs. So, yeah. I’m that kinda gal.


Holy Hair!

Day three is here! Here’s another photo of my hairy pit. This is such a silly thing, but what is funny is people are actually reading this blog because of the armpits. Maybe they are into armpits, you know, like really into armpits. No matter! I’m keeping it up. I do kinda wish I would have done this before I came down with a case of the babies so that way I would know if I really am becoming wooly mammoth.

Now onto the ridiculous description. The hairs seem to be about 1/8th of an inch now. I would love to do some simple math right now and tell you how fast the hairs seem to be growing, but pregnancy brain has completely wiped out how long they were yesterday. I even read the posting earlier, as in about 2 minutes ago, but, I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. Was it 1/16th of an inch? Whatever.

Perverts, enjoy the photo of my naked, slightly hairy armpit!

Holy Hair!

Okay, we are to Day 2 of my gross little photographic observational experiment.  Unfortunately, because my skin and my hair are both very, very pale because I’m very, very worried about going outside when it is sunny because I’m very, very vain and don’t want to get wrinkled, it is hard to see the hairs when they are at this length.   Well, the not going out in the sun doesn’t account for the hair being pale, but it accounts for the skin.

The hair is about 1/16th of an inch.  So, that would mean it grows about 1/32nd of and inch a day. I could stop this silly little project right now, but I won’t.  Let’s face it, it’s the middle of winter right now, and even though today is 75 in Los Angeles, I’m probably not going to be showing my armpits off in a tank top or strapless dress anytime soon and when I do decide I want to, I can shave.  Also, I’m not doing much dating, so no one besides me has seen me naked and I really, really don’t care if my armpits are hairy.  So, we will just press on. 



Holy Hair!

I’m considering doing a little experiment in photos. I’ve heard that my hair will grow super fast while I’m infirm with a case of the babies and have noticed, I think, that it is growing fast, but I can’t really tell.  I find that I sleep so much and all my days are spent sleeping, eating, cleaning from eating, cooking, cleaning from cooking and going to Drs appointments.  The days just kinda blend into each other so it’s hard to think in terms of week or month. I think more in terms of appointments and a dozen eggs or loaf of sprouted grain bread.

Yesterday, I think, it was yesterday.  It was for sure the day I went to the hospital to get my prescription and I think that was yesterday. Hospital day, I took a shower and noticed my armpit hair was incredibly long.  It took seven swipes with the razor to get all the wispy little hairs off, funny little side note, they are really blond, kinda honey colored, which is strange because my head hair is a bit darker now. It was white when I was a little girl though. Anyhoo, I couldn’t remember when I had last shaved.  I think it was before my last ultrasound but really, I have no idea.  If it was right before my last ultrasound then my hair would indeed be growing very fast. Who knows though.

Now I will know because I’m going to do this disgusting little project.  If you haven’t guessed it yet than I would say you must be daft! I’m going to photograph my armpits to see just how fast my hair is growing.  Super fun! 

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